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The Muelsengrund


To restaurant "Klatschschaenke", which at the road crossing Glauchau - Wulm and Mosel - Muelsengrund, where the Muelsenbach by the hollow is taken up, begins 14 km long Muelsengrund. It owes it flowing through Muelsenbach to its names (from old slawish history: Milsena = "the small hollow"). Here we find not only one of the most beautiful small spots earth, which have to exhibit west Saxony, but also an area interesting in culture- and historical regard.
The Muelsenbach bolting ELT itself of its origin above local man village up to the hollow by a changeful, delightful landscape. In the lower part the brook was left to a large extent in its original run and is framed by ashes and pastures, which to the place Niedermuelsen lain here its own "Gepräge" gives.
If one follows the run of the brook, the valley becomes closer and the trees are replaced from close together built houses. The Mülsenbach is partly steered here into a fastened channel.
In the top of the Muelsengrundes, about height of pc., constricts wooded slopes the valley St. Niclas like a Korsett, in order to change over to local man village smoothly into the Ausläufer of the west ore mountains.
The Muesengrund became already in 6. /7. Century of slawish immigrants and from ever from the Oberlausitz penetrating trunk of the Milzener continues to settle later. They merged here in the "reason" with Franconias and turns zugewanderten in the future.
From the early times of settling up to the turn the weaving mill was one of the determining trades of this region. Today from it except for few exceptions, the wage cleaning shop remained received so among other things in local man village, hardly some more.
Also the mining industry played a crucial role in the life of the Muelsengrunder population. Although the inhabitants predominantly went into the pits to Zwickau or Oelsnitz, the Muelsengrund had its pit.
The Muelsener corridors lies nearly all in the drinking water protected zone, therefore it will give no larger trade settlements in this region also, so that the municipalities see their future among other things in the development of the gentle tourism. Many moving ways are already in such a way developed and out-described that trip goals of the environment can be achieved comfortably to foot, highly to Ross or by wire donkeys. The further development is planned. As a trip goal particularly to recommend the tower on the Albert height is in the corridor border to the city Liechtenstein. For cosy Gastlichkeit enclosed the "restaurant and hotel provide to the Albert height". A wonderful round view, not only over the Muelsengrund, but until far into the Vorland of the west ore mountains, recompences the Wanderer. After a walk invite a multiplicity of restaurants in the Muelsengrund to staying.