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The exclusive Webmaster of this private page ( welcomes it quite cordially in the virtual offer approximately around the Muelsengrund!

I am in Muelsen St. Niclas born and grown up. The love for the homeland and their history caused me to publish step by step mine "home" in the Internet. Here it concerns only around a hobby and no commercial offer.

Now 34 years let me look back into a rich changed world in the Muelsengrund. Whether itself or other thing to the good one 
or only to the necessary one changed, does not want I on the homepage not to judge. The page serves neither political goals nor the interests of administrations, federations or associations.

I would like to express special thanks the association for local history Muelsen St. Jacob registered association. It was all-side endeavored, me not only the association to bring but also the history of the Muelsengrunds close. Thank you also all association chairmen and church chiefs for the tolerance of their publications and its texts.

This homepage is to grow in the future in the sense of the author and each visitor not only an overview over the beautiful
Muelsengrund offer, but also large questions answer.

Much fun with the to search of the Site. Look nevertheless regularly past, them constantly new will discover. Over suggestions or
references I would be pleased.

Steffen Junghänel